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Baldwin Hardware Depot - Baldwin Hardware Estate Collection mortise locks  

Pictured below are examples of the Baldwin Brass entrance MORTISE locks. These handlesets all use full mortise bodies and generally will not fit in most prebored doors with the usual two hole prep. (There are exceptions). You can mix and match any combination of the styles shown here and any finish to make truly customized designs for any architectural design requirement.  

Click on mortise body to see closeup!

We are the ONLY website online that has actually installed mortise locks! All the others just read from a book. We installed Baldwin mortise locks for over 25 years and can answer absolutely any questions regarding them. 

Estate series mortise body specifications click HERE

For a  downloadable PDF file showing ALL the currently available 2021 Estate mortise trimsets and their sizes: Click HERE

Mortise locks and all the correct hardware required are not something to be ordered online, there are many factors involved. We have sold and installed them for decades and can assist you with everything you need, at the absolute best prices online or off.

Downloadable PDF file showing ALL the currently available 2021 Estate mortise trimsets and their sizes: Click HERE
Link to all of Baldwin's lock finishes click HERE.

Atlanta 6570

Baltimore 6552

Barclay 6554

Bethpage 3/4 esc M522


Bethpage 3/5 esc lever M522

Bismark 6942



Boston 6555

Boulder M512


Boulder lever M512


Boulder full esc knob M514

Boulder full esc lever M514

Bristol 6963



Bristol lever 6939

Bristol sectional 6520

Chicago 6563



Cody 3/4 esc M502

Cody 3/4 esc lever M502

Cody full esc M504



Cody full esc lever M504

Concord 6571

Dallas 6931



Denver 6940

Detroit  6548

Edinburgh 6952



Fenwick 6962

Georgetown 6550

Hamilton 6544



Hollywood Hills entrance 6945

Hollywood Hills handleset 6946

Houston 6973



Kensington 3/4 esc 6526

Kensington full esc 6950

Lakeshore 6966



Lakeshore lever 6974

Lakewood 6922

Lancaster 6543



Lexington 6560

Minneapolis 6976

Monterey 6565



Nashville 6547

New York 6562


Palm Springs 3/4 esc 6920


Palm Springs full esc 6921

Pasadena 6944

Reading 6551



Richland 6999

Richmond 6557

San Francisco 6541



Santa Monica 6915

Soho M516

Springfield 6573



Stanford 6951


Tremont 6542

Trenton 6567


Versailles 6933

Victoria 6948

Westminster 6961



Williamsburg 6549

Wilmington 6546