About Baldwin Brass Hardware Depot™


Why purchase from Baldwin Brass Depot? 

We are a Baldwin Hardware preferred online dealer, listed on the manufacturers website unlike most Internet based companies. Online since 1997 Baldwin knows we are a reputable recommended dealer with a long track record of satisfied customers.

We were the first Baldwin dedicated online dealer and we are the best at what we do. Baldwin Hardware sales since 1975, selling online since 1997. No confusion with a hundred other brands, just Baldwin sold here. We were selling Baldwin Hardware online long before Amazon, Build.com or any other existed. 

When you see an online dealer that sells a hundred brands, you can be sure they know nothing about them. Usually these are so called "home improvement" websites that have absolutely no practical knowledge of the products they sell. Some just outright lie about who they are and their experience selling Baldwin. They have never once installed a single product. 

1. We are an owner operated company selling and installing Baldwin hardware since 1975. There is no dealer online or off that comes close to our 46 years of practical Baldwin expertise. Daily hands on installation of Baldwin Hardware is why we are by far the most knowledgeable dealer in the USA. Some make clams of "years of experience" but they are either false or a misrepresentation. 

2. We have no online ordering for a reason. People think it's faster to just online order but that's not true. We can quote a price and get the order processed in minutes, and most importantly it will be RIGHT. Real time stock checks to avoid unnecessary backorders. Sure it costs us more money to have people call our toll free numbers but we want you to get the products right the first time. We have the lowest return rate of any online dealer, period. Many times customers would have ordered something that would not work for them, we make sure it will. Other companies hide from customer contact, we encourage it.

4. Our customer service, product knowledge and return policy are the best in the USA. Simple as that. We don't charge restock fee's on 30 day returns and will accept returns up to 90 days on larger orders. Shop and compare.

Baldwin Brass Hardware Depot price quotes and information:

TOLL FREE ordering and quotation line: (888) 306-2298
E-mail price quotes and info 24 hours a day at: info@baldwinbrassdepot.com
Business phone hours Monday - Friday  9:00am - 5:00pm EST